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We integrate biotechnology related teaching and research resources in NTU to provide student-centered educational experience in biotechnology techniques and interdisciplinary applications, to provide quality high-tech service, to explore research collaborations, and to deliver value-added information, knowledge and wisdom.

The Advisory Board chaired by the vice president, comprising 15 specialists from academy and industry; they provide vision, administration guidelines, and supervise the progression of mission fulfillment. The Director and five division chiefs are responsible for conducting teaching, research and development, technical services, industry-university cooperation, and bioinformatics service activities. There are five full-time staffs, serving as chief secretary, general affairs assistant, teaching assistants and project manager. The center recruits jointly-appoints 17 research fellows from various colleges and one research scholar to help integrating our research and development. With the help of Ministry of Education, we established the Animal Industry Talent Teaching Resource Center to coordinate the teaching program for cultivating the next generation of animal biotechnologists.
The Biotechnology Programs of the Center offer over 30 courses which are instructed by about 50 faculty members from various Colleges of NTU, including Life Science, Science, Engineering, Bioresources and Agriculture, Medicine, and Law School.

1. Three Credit-Programs
They are ‘‘Biotechnology Program’’, ‘‘ Stem Cell and Regenerative Bio-Medicine Program’’ and ‘‘Systems Biology and Bioinformatics Program’’. Undergraduate and graduate students of various backgrounds can obtain a certification after completing a minimum of 20 credits of the assigned courses in each program.
a. The ‘‘Biotechnology Program’’ consisting of courses of 4 levels, is aimed to prepare students for graduate research and industrial development.
b. The “Stem Cell and Regenerative Bio-Medicine Program” is aimed to provide theories and hand-on technical trainings related to stem cells, tissue engineering, and regenerative medicine, and associated ethical and regulatory concerns.
c. The “Systems Biology and Bioinformatics Program” is aimed to equip interested students with the theory of system mathematics and primary computation models for applying complex and advanced theory to biomedicine and biotechnology.

2. Biotechnology Core Techniques Courses (BCT)
This is a core laboratory topic with its central dogma in biotechnology (see the Illustration). Students are expected to learn about gene transformation and expression, protein extraction and purification, and detection of the target gene products. The course also offers four types of classes, including Semester Classes, Summer Classes, Industrial Classes and NTU Hospital Clinic Classes.

3. Summer Biotechnology Programs
The program is combined with the followings:
a. ‘‘Interdisciplinary Advanced Courses’’ are designed around biotechnology and they integrate patent and intellectual property, marketing and technical management. Particularly, many industrial experts are invited to help students learn the practical issues in the industry.
b. “Professional Courses” invite faculty from several colleges to join-teach. We also collaborate with other universities to conduct these advanced courses. More than 40 courses in six professional areas are offered.
c. ‘‘Industrial Internship Courses’’ offer a varieties of choices for short-term practical training in related research institutes, corporations and industries. After the program, the students are expected to make smoother transition to their industrial career.
d. “Summer+4 Program” offer international students a chance to learn several wonderful biotechnology techniques in a week. In the second week of the program, a student can choose a research laboratory at NTU to carry out a short research project.

4. Teaching Facilities
There are 7 teaching core laboratories and several lecture rooms for the teaching activities. Recently, the Center has set up a Lecture Theater for distance learning and offers five courses, including an international distance-learning course with Tsukuba and Kyoto University.

To serve research institutes on campus and allow them to take full advantage of the university-owned instruments, the Center has integrated biotechnology-related state-of-the-art instruments to establish several core facilities. We have 3 core service laboratories, including SNP analysis core with Illumina BeadXpress Reader, sequencing core with ABI3730 DNA Analyzer, DNA/RNA oligo services with DNA/RNA Synthesizer and gene expression analysis with ABI Real-Time Machine. These are platforms for convenient, advanced and high-efficiency analysis.

We will expand our educational and training scope and offer more programs to meet the demands of high-level biotechnology for the 21st century. We will also set up more innovative core laboratories or research laboratories for our research fellows to help our center grow into one of the leading world-class institutes in biotechnology research.

Center for Biotechnology, National Taiwan University
No. 81, Changxing Street, Taipei City 10672, Taiwan

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